One-time engagement vs. continuous engagement

No matter what retail industry you’re in, loyalty marketing will work wonders for you and your brand.

Why you need to build hyper-personalised campaigns

If a client has already given you the opportunity to meet him, why do you treat him like the first time?

The importance of timing when contacting your clients

Most newsletters are deleted without opening, many emails go directly to the promotions folder, and ads on social networks are quickly forgotten unless you find the right timing.

Information is power, as long as you can transform it into action

We must distinguish between information, knowledge and action. Only if information can be transformed into action does it offer true power to the business.

A 360º view of your customers

If you want your client to empathize with you, you have to start by getting to know him, being interested in understanding who he is and what he may need.

New Retail is here

The fine line that once separated online sales from more traditional retail has become ever more blurred, turning into a common area that, far from separating these two channels, actually unites them.