Vision is everything. Achieving that customers identify with your brand is a task that requires clearly defining what you want to be for your customer and transmit those values consistently.

Our team helps you to define the best strategy for your new loyalty program according to your brand core values.

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In the past we carried out more that 100 integrations with different providers, payment media an 3rd party solutions in one of the biggest fashion retailers of the world. We know what integration means.

That’s why we have done our best designing, not only the most powerful loyalty program for retailers, but also the smoothest integration. Start using Wapping with just 1-API integration!

By means of a fully documented and intuitive process (even a Checkout simulator is provided) integration can be carried out directly by your IT Team /System integrator. Anyway, a Wapping IT expert will be at your disposal at all times, to advise and guide your IT team through the integration process.

In addition Wapping develops and maintain the plugin/modules/cardtriges for the main Ecommerce platforms and it´s natively connected to Social Media, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp.


Connect your physical stores with just 1 API.

The Checkout API Rest allows in 4 steps to connect transactionally any P.O.S. system in the market in a simple way.

Just 1-API integration and all services work seamless.

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Our engineering team has developed modules for the most popular CMS: Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Magento, Prestashop to plug into your ecommerce platform.

In case a bespoke ecommerce, you just need to use 2 simple APIs: Checkout API and Customer Wallet API, to provide your users the most powerful program of digital services and benefits integrated into your online store.

APP / Mobile Wallet

If you are running your own APP, integrate the customer wallet with direct i-frame technology, API or instead use our white-label consumer APP fully personalized for your business.

In addition, Wapping is connected with the smartphone pre-installed Apple Wallet and Google Wallet apps, a highly performing alternative to your own app.

And from 26th October 2022, also integrated in WhatsApp!! Check how your loyalty program looks integrated in WHATSAPP

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3rd parties: PIMs, Mkt automation,...

Wapping extents integration into your existing marketing stack. Easily connect with existing marketing or customer service tools with connectors and Rest API´s to extend the benefit of reliable real-time data to your operations workflow.

PIMs, Marketing automation platforms, Customer Service tools … can be connected in a simple way!