Reward your customers with personalized incentives and experiences

Bond your customers by setting personalized rewards and exclusive experiences that increase with each loyalty tier.

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Recognize and prize your users when commenting their experiences, sharing their exclusive campaigns and attracting their family & friends to your brand. Trust is everything and your best customers your best salespeople.

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Targeted campaigns

Create meaningful and performing interactions for long-lasting relationships with data-driven actions based on different sorts of gifts, promotions or rewards.

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Suppliers collaboration

Use the CDP module to provide customer intelligence insights and campaign redemption analysis. Inform decisions about product placement in stores and drive marketing campaigns, budget allocations, and other high-level business strategies by making your suppliers part of your loyalty strategy.

Differentiate your brand and make your customers feel unique

Key features for the beauty industry

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Customer intelligence

Gather and analyze customer information to get the most out of your data with an automated, personalized and data-driven marketing strategy to boost LTV and turnover.

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Exclusive or VIP privileges

Make your brand feel exclusive building VIP and exclusive programs to engage those valuable repeat purchasers and incentivize them to come back again.

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Membership tiers

Increase member engagement setting personalised saving programs, direct discount programs, rewards and benefits that increase with each loyalty tier.

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Personalized offers

Stop downgrading your brand with broad-based offers. Create meaningful promotions giving each shopper the minimum push needed to purchase.

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Social and Experiential rewards

Deliver truly unique experiences that offer more than discounts on a product and create lasting memories to build positive emotions associated with your brand.

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Gift Card and Gift Vouchers

Boost brand recognition, improve customer retention and attract new user with our amazing, fully personalizable omnichannel Gift card and Gift vouchers services.

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Deposit Card

Offer your customers a instantaneous refund method for returns while saving the balance into your business. Incentivize deposit card use by providing an optional extra balance.

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Mobile wallet

Make it easy to get started and to use your loyalty program by being always present in your customers ́ phone as a mobile pass in Apple Wallet or Google Wallet.

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Omnichannel performance

Deliver your customers a seamless omnichannel shopping experience in your physical stores and e-commerce when it comes to adding, redeeming and enjoying all its exclusive services and benefits.