Covering from sign-up/identification to real-time omnichannel performance

We've created an customer intelligence and omnichannel loyalty solution custom-made for retail marketers covering the whole cycle, from sign-up/identification to an omnichannel application of every service. The solution was envisioned and developed by leading professionals in the retail-tech industry and data-prediction domains with proven projects in one of the biggest world´s retailer.

Approaching the challenge

Customers want hassle-free programs with limited maintenance to make it easy to sign up and use.

The goal is bridging the gap between offline and online shopping, by enabling physical retailers to better engage their customers, extract insights and build valuable relationships that lead to more conversions, greater revenues, and increased loyalty.

Wapping is a SaaS platform approaching the whole challenge regarding customer understanding and loyalty, from customer sign-up/identification to real-time ROI analytics and through an uniform shopping experience in physical stores and online to provide a end-to-end loyalty solution that answers retail concerns.

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Manage a unique ID per customer without joining silos

Most of CDPs and loyalty solutions try to merge customer information into one ID by joining and curating data silos with semi-automated processes that still don´t offer real clean data. Wapping creates a reliable, unified 360 view of every customer by grabbing transactionally interactions and social media activity ensuring that every customer is one and unique in your database.

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Setting up robust foundations

Without complete context, customer data has little value to businesses. When siloed, customer data fails to live up to its potential. With people demanding convenient, friction-free brand experiences, marketers must understand that consumer engagements must be based on a complete vision of customer interaction with the brand.

Customer identification under a unique ID provides reliable data on a persistent customer profile to become the foundation for successful marketing and lifecycle management.

Robust, dynamic customer profiles equip marketers to create more engaging customer experiences that translate into significant growth and innovation in not only the marketing department but throughout the entire organization.


The most powerful loyalty engine with the easiest integration

Many loyalty platforms offer a complex set of API´s to integrate: an API for customers, an API for points, an API for offers,... requiring companies to connect through multiple API methods as long as develop and maintain code and logic in their POS and ecommerce systems. It leads to complicated integrations, costful to support and evolve. We have put more than 10 years experience integrating dozens of solutions to create an integration process that allows POS and Ecommerce IT teams to get connected in just a few weeks.

1-API integration

A powerful tool does not necessary mean a complicated integration process. With just 1 checkout API any P.O.S. system or bespoke ecommerce can be quickly integrated and rolled out.

You don´t need to develop and maintain logic on your side, to integrate and roll-out your program. And if you run a commercial CMS you just need to install our pre-built plugins.

With the best-in-class data governance, security, and compliance standards to keep your data trustworthy and secure.

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Turn data into action

Benefits of using Wapping

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1. Manage a Single Customer View

Creating rich customer profiles across online and offline channels requires the collection and unification of cross-channel data into a single customer view. Customer intelligence allows marketers to maintain ownership and control over their most valuable asset: customer data.

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2. Build Customer Loyalty

Personalized interactions build brand loyalty. By leveraging actionable real-time customer data, marketers can deliver personalized experiences at every touchpoint and cultivate meaningful interactions with your brand that translate into lasting relationships.

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3. Enable Personalized Marketing

Personalized marketing requires marketers to know exactly how the customer is interacting with the brand in any channel. This real-time interaction management gives marketers the speed of consumer decision-making by enabling targeted customer experiences at the right time.

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4. Improve Marketing ROI

Optimizing messaging, campaigns and customer experiences both on and off online results in user recognition and targeted, effective marketing. Reliable data between all channels and devices is key to effectively understand what’s working, what isn’t and how best to optimize future campaigns and improve the ROI of marketing efforts across the board.

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5. Differentiate your brand

Customers look for those brands that recognizes and make them be part of their culture. The suitable CDP combined with a flexible service engine provides the tool to offer not also personalization but also convenience in terms in customer experience, turning it into a big differentiator making your brand more desirable than your competitors.