With the rise of social networks and different digital platforms, it is no longer enough to post a message and see what happens next.

Instead, you need an audience that engages with your brand, your platforms, and most importantly, your products or services.

So what can you do?

No matter what retail industry you’re in, loyalty marketing will work wonders for you and your brand.


What is loyalty marketing?

Loyalty marketing involves opening a dialogue with customers to attract and invite them to interact with the brand on a long-term basis.

This is achieved by going beyond generic ads and email campaigns to offer a more personalized, unique and engaging experience.

The key to good loyalty marketing is showing up where your customers are and and generate proposals, experiences and benefits that fit their tastes and preferences.

There are different ways to achieve this, for example, social media campaigns, surveys where they feel compelled to share their opinions, or a push notification that shows an incredible offer at the perfect time.

Customer engagement uses high-quality content, content that goes hand in hand with automation and, very importantly, personalization. Suggest the right product to each customer at the right time, and promote it with the minimum incentive necessary to get the sale.


One-Time Engagement Vs. Ongoing Engagement

Creating content that connects with the customer not only ensures engagement and loyalty, but is also an effective way to make sales, attract new leads, and gain valuable data that can be useful in developing or optimizing future marketing campaigns.

However, engagement marketing can generate 2 effects on the client, this can be one-time or continuous.

One-time engagement corresponds to those tools that just result in specific and short-term actions from the clients, such as email marketing, discount codes, general sales campaigns or basic loyalty programs. They generate one-time purchase impulses, but they do not achieve an “identification” of the user with the brand.

When we talk about continuous engagement, we mean connecting with the consumer to the point where they feel that the brand recognizes them and becomes their preferred option for subsequent purchases.

Continuous or growing engagement is achieved when the brand understands each client and offers them benefits, services, proposals and personalized programs that add value and meaning in a particular way.

Achieving this requires data measured by key metrics such as conversion rates, click-through rates, social media engagement rates, video views, lead generation, and time spent on the web, to then generate a single action that combines the Customer Data Platform with a digital services engine that improves the shopping experience.

How it works?

Connecting with the consumer to the point where they feel that the brand recognizes them and becomes their preferred option for subsequent purchases

Benefits of generating continuous engagement

According to a statistic shared by Forbes, 84% of companies that strive to improve their engagement strategies achieve an increase in their income, in addition to other benefits such as:

1.- Brand Loyalty is strengthened since it builds a strong relationship with the target audience.

2.- Presence is fortified, improving brand recall long-term

3.- Improves the customer experience, which translates into competitive advantage.


To achieve this, various strategies can be considered, such as: 

  • Addressing customers in a relevant tone, derived from their particular characteristics, tastes and preferences to develop a deeper connection
  • Develop an omnichannel marketing approach
  • Implement Relational Marketing
  • Develop loyalty programs beyond bonus points and special discounts, that speak individually to each customer
  • Finally, collect and analyze customer data to understand their behavior, needs and preferences and design the following actions


Remember, if people are satisfied with your services and constantly aware of your presence, they will come back for more purchases and remember your brand for a long time.

Wapping brings together a Customer Intelligence Platform and a Digital Services Engine to transform data into personalized actions for each customer profile, increasing brand identification and conversion.

Do you want to know how?

How it works?


Wapping team