Customer loyalty much more than just gifts or exclusive promotions for your customers. If your entire strategy consists of re warding them with points for every X number of Euros spent, then you are missing out on great o pportu nities to strengthen your relationship with your customers.

We are used to thinking of customer loyalty as subtly (or sometimes blatantly) forcing a future purchase or an addition to the shopping cart through suggestions and discounts, and although this wo rks, it shouldn’t be your only loyalty strategy.

Why it is important to gain the loyalty of your customers

We have already seen that we all like to feel special.

Consumers can access massive discount campaigns all year round; the typical birthday discou nt, sales, outlets… we live in a world in which we are surrounded by general discounts without that personal touch that segmentation can give you and allow you to better understand your customer.

This can prove to be the ace up your sleeve.

Now a days it is good to look for a w ay to stand out from your competition by offering different rewards for loyalty , something.

Let’s not forget that behind every order there is an individual.

How to gain the loyalty of your customers

Loyalty today is knowing your customer, recognizing them in each interaction and offering them a personalized relationship with exclusive benefits and services that make their life easier.

The most common types of loyalty are:

  • Online and offline customer cards or APPs
  • Points programs
  • Programs that reward their interaction with the brand
  • Surveys that provide access to points/discounts

However, loyalty is much more than points programmes that can be exchanged for discounts, you have to know what benefits, on what products and to which customer to present each option.

A good platform with a digital service engine that analyzes the behaviour of your customers in real time and which helps you design for each customer the best stratgy of proposals, benefits and  rewards will improve the purchase experience and, at the same time, will give you more time to think about new ideas and opportunities.

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Loyalty is much more than points programs that can be exchanged for discounts, you have to know what benefits, on what products and to which customer to present each option.

How to surprise your customers

The time has come to surprise your customers with a real omnichannel strategy aimed entirely at them.

Search for a way to connect to your customers for them to feel part of your project. If you find one, you will have loyal customers for life and better ambassadors for your brand.

Connect with them through your story

In such a connected in individualistic world we are all looking to identify with something. The story of your company and your values can allow you to connect with your customers in another way and create bonds that no discount from anyone else can ever break.

Storytelling and emotional ma rketing will help you transmit who you are. Consumers like to be reminded that companies are made up of people. Too often we create barriers between THE COMPANY and THE CUSTOMERS. It’s not always intentional but it happens, and we must change it.

Don’t be afraid of sharing why your product or project was conceived, nor those who comprise it. People connect with people, not with numbers or with “leaders in their sector”.

Personalize your Customer Care

Your ticket has been generated and we will contac t you within 7 to 15 days…

How many times have you read this when sending a query to the customer care department of a company? And sometimes it can be even worse, sometimes they send you back an endless list of FAQs that really tries
your patience.

Customer care is one of the most important moments in gaining the loyalty of a customer. When things go well everyone is happy, but when you have a problem or a doubt that you need to resolve, this is when you notice the difference.

Knowing how to manage an angry customer can help you to gain a loyal customer.

Gaining customer loyalty does not mean senselessly sweet talking them, you must make them feel valued and a part of your story with discounts and personalized acts of loyalty.

Anticipate your customers wishes by studying their behaviour 360º and building services and exclusive benefits they can use indistinctly in all your sales channels!!

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