Wapping is the story of two friends and founding partners, both with technical education, different professional profiles and sharing a common vision: we understand innovation as the engine that drives companies, improves competitiveness and redefines the way of life.

Not long ago, we both worked in multinational retail companies. Rober in the technical field, leading and developing technological projects implemented in dozens of countries throughout the world. Jose, in the commercial area, defining marketing solutions in an international environment.

We used to meet and comment about the projects we were involved in.

We observed a separation between the demands coming from the business areas and the solutions proposed internally to respond to those needs.

Neither fresh air was coming from out there. It seemed that a system based on project outsourcing through technology consultants and software factories with people sold for hours, little definition and endless deadlines had been established.

Marketing departments, aware of a new customer, demanded solutions to differentiate, connect and excite this new consumer. However, from the technical field we were not able to provide right answers to their needs.

Only large and new digital retailers like Amazon or Alibaba had their business perfectly   focused to new consumer lifestyle. The rest of us were lagging behind, doing what everyone did and expecting the following changes in the market to see how much they affected us.


However, it was nothing unmanageable or impossible. Technology was mature enough, it was about making it available to the businesses to start managing them, taking into account their main asset: their customers.

We knew the retail, we had the vision, the knowledge and the experience. So we started to work to develop a solution that would allow any business to know their customers and connect with them through personalized proposals and services.

We dedicated countless hours at night and on weekends, taking time out from our families and friends. After the initial stages we reached a point where we needed more staff to go faster. It had arrived the time to take the first risks. We incorporated more people to the team and we got an office in an innovation center. It pushed the project with a faster development pace.

After three years of work we had a first version of the platform and we started visiting the first potential customers.

The initial contacts with chain stores in different sectors: supermarkets, fashion, perfumery, confirmed that the need existed and that we were providing a new and fresh approach. A tool that allowed them to differentiate and take control to manage their business based on data, not only sales, returns and articles data, but also customers data.

Data as the starting point to segment customers and be able to offer value and hyper-directed services.

Suddenly they could know their customers behavior and connect with them in a direct and personalized way! Something that only great players, and not all of them, were able to do.

From these initial visits, quickly emerged a first important customer and with it some evolutions of the platform to complete it with more services.


Wapping starts its first steps in the market and the first real transformation of a business.

A business which managed a lot of information about billing, items, stocks, inventory, store sales, etc. but that did not know who was buying, how often they used to visit their stores, what was everyone buying, what could buy someone and was not doing, etc. Suddenly it started to be managed based on what its customers wanted and demand.

A business that began to differentiate from its competitors by connecting with customers with personalized proposals adapted to their tastes, preferences and lifestyle.

A brand that now has the control to grow and be a reference in this new time, where classic management models no longer work and where the customer places at the center of the business as the keystone of the marketing strategy.

A business that grows with the peace of mind that provides a loyal and recurring customer base.

Once the solution was validated in the large business segment, current challenge is double:

✷ On the one hand, to continue presenting the solution to more chain stores, so that they can quickly begin to enjoy the advantages of knowing their customers and connecting with them through personalized experiences.

✷ On the other hand, to automatize the entire marketing and delivery processes to facilitate test, integration and production start-up.

If you want to be one of those who differentiate your brand and ensure the future of your business, let us to come along with you through this exciting journey.


Many thanks.

The Wapping team.