Is the story of two friends and founding partners, both with technical education, different professional profiles and sharing a common vision: we understand innovation as the engine that drives companies, improves competitiveness and redefines the way of life. The idea of developping a SaaS loyalty platform was conceived in 2015 and initially the design and development was carried out with a 5 people team.

My professional activity begins as a software developer, then as a software architect and later as CTO in two startups that were pioneers in mobility applications and integration in mobile devices.

My last 10 years has been as responsible for the development of it solutions for sale and payment in one of the main fashion retail multinational companies, managing technological projects with high demanding requirements in terms of transaction capacity, real time and service availability.

This experience allowed me to acquire a deep know-how designing robust, flexible and scalable business solutions. this is what I´m bringing to Wapping.

Roberto García | CEO & CTO –

I started my professional career in marketing departments to later move to sales and management of it projects for leader companies in sectors such as industry, food retail, fashion retail or hospitality.

From 2014 to 2018 I worked as sales manager in an international company.

This experience allowed me to get in contact with different cultures, new lifestyles and to experience the latest customer trends with a global perspective.

My goal is to help brands to provide a new user´s experience to connect emotionally with their customers, establish lasting relationships and improve business outcomes.

José Manuel Maseda | Marketing & Sales Manager –

University connected us in the past and life has reconnected us again in a common project after years of acquiring professional experience in different and exciting projects.

Wapping is born responding to a need detected from within the retail companies.

The relationship between users and brands has evolved in multiple ways and for the majority of businesses it is very complicated to cover the gap between their current sales model and the new shopping experience customers expect. Digital companies, for their intrinsic innovation, are in the practice, the only ones which are being able to adapt their proposal to the customer lifestyle and purchasing facilities that the new era demands.

We believe that nothing is lost and that every business can improve its customer experience.

If you want to be one of those who win the future, let us to come along with you through this exciting journey.

Many thanks.