Designed to manage the fashion industry characteristics

Specific characteristics regarding products variedity, sales channels or customers demands, requires a platform designed to manage all these peculiarities.

Product categorization

Manage products classified by sections, categories, ranges, colours, sizes, specific attributes and define campaigns and analysis based on all this parameters.

Ecommerce and physical stores

Make it easy for your customers, no matter where they are, every service, program or campaign works indistinctly in your brick & mortar stores and in your ecommerce. And so important, without IT dependency.

Aspirational loyalty

Customers look for brands representing something more than products. An emotional identification that can only be achieved by knowing your customers, understanding them and driving benefits that really fit their lifestyle.

Grow up your brand ́s advocates with a convenient shopping experience

Key features for the fashion industry

Customer intelligence

Gather and analyze customer information to get the most out of your data with an automated, personalized and data-driven marketing strategies.

Exclusive or VIP privileges

Make your brand feel exclusive building VIP and exclusive programs to engage those valuable repeat purchasers.

Membership tiers

Increase member engagement setting personalised saving programs, direct discount programs and rewards that increase with each loyalty tier.

Personalized offers

Stop downgrading your brand with broad-based offers and create meaningful promotions giving each shopper the minimum push needed to purchase.

Social and Experiential rewards

Deliver truly unique experiences that offer more than discounts on a product and create lasting memories that build positive emotions in your customers´mind.

Gift Card and Gift Vouchers

Boost brand recognition, improve customer retention and attract new users with our personalizable omnichannel Gift card and Gift vouchers.

Deposit Card

Offer your customers a instantaneous refund method for returns while saving the balance into your business.

Mobile wallet

Make it easy to get started and to use your loyalty program by being always present in your customers´ phone as a mobile pass.

Omnichannel performance

Deliver a seamless shopping experience in your stores and ecommerce when it comes to adding, redeeming and enjoying customers´ services and benefits.