Discover your customers´ intents

Every customer is unique. Broad-based promotions expose your brand unnecessary and don’t meet customers´ expectations. Use data to understand every customer intend and impact them with the right proposal and the right incentive at the right moment.

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wappingweb p promotions engine Build personalized promotions en

Build personalized promotions in minutes

Intended promotions are the best way to offer real value to every customers who will love to join to your program as a brand providing them proposals with value and significance according to what they like and their lifestyle. Empower your marketing team by avoiding them to interact with IT or Ecommerce to launch the campaigns.

Boost retention and loyalty

Engage your customers using their historical, real‑time and predicted future behavior to automatically trigger personalized experiences and increase their affinity and identification with your brand.

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wappingweb p promotions engine Optimize your marketing spend en

Optimize your marketing spend

Stop wasting money by trusting all your commercial strategy in general campaigns. It´s time to optimize your investment reaching every single customer with the minimum incentive to convert into sales.

Personalization - the right incentive for each customer

Select audiences with multiple attributes and criteria that go way beyond simple segmentation.Each one of your customers is different, how they think, behave, and act, what they like, and dislike. Target them with a highly granular level of segmentation and offer personalized products and promotions.

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Differentiate your brand by rising your customer lifetime value with the most powerful promotion engine supporting more that 50 promotion types: from discount type to product categories, conditioned to purchasing behaviours, to be applied in the same purchase or in the future,… Drive anyone of your users relevant products and offers and do it at the right time.

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Anticipate the result of a campaign by simulating its response based on the historical behavior of the target audience, calendar and products involved. Use the power of our built-in simulation tool to get every action right.

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Users expect consistent shopping experiences across all sales channels, no matter when, where and what they are purchasing. Wapping provides frictionless, agile and identical redemption in both brick and mortar stores and e-commerce.

wappingweb p promotions engineomnichannel experience en

Measure the impact of each campaign with real-time and historical conversion data. Know what actions are working better, extract the relevant KPIs and use this information to optimize your next campaigns to achieve higher and higher ROI..

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