Would you like to differentiate your brand and to be always a preferred option in your customers´ mind without having to develop complex and endless projects that wear out the entire organization?

Yes, it´s possible. You just need to go one step further in the relationship with your customers. You need to adapt your business to the new purchasing trends and the current lifestyle.

If you do so, you will continue sailing, conquering new seas. If you don’t do it, the waves will drag you, it’s only a matter of time knowing how much you will endure.

But you are one of those who don´t want to wait to see the wave arrive, you want to control your business and take it to the right direction.

And you know that to achieve it, it´s no longer useful to do what was done before, even not to do what most people do. You have to go ahead, differentiate your brand and stand out from the rest.

Your products make you different, but you also need to reach your audience, day by day more saturated with more options.

Having a good and different product is necessary but not sufficient. Before it was, in a local market, with fewer options.

Today it´ts not enough. Yo also need to transmit it, to connect on an emotional level because you do not want to be the result of a day. You are not looking for occasional sales, you are looking for customers who identify with your essence, loyal and recurring customers.

Ambassadors of your brand who communicate their satisfaction to others and attract them to your business. You want to be a reference for your public.

You need to reach your customers´ heart.

And it requires to transmit value in each contact with your customer, in each communication. Coffee for everyone is no longer useful.

The new consumer is saturated with hundreds of impacts that convey the soul of the brand but are impersonal in the eyes of the customer, as they don´t take him into account.

And people only connects with those who have taken care to know who they are, to know what they are looking for, what they want and talk to them in a personalized way. It´s a big party with too many suitors around to pay attention to anyone, when they are able to choose one that has worried about knowing them.

We all like to feel treated in a personal way and every business oriented towards excellence seeks that personalized treatment with its customers.

It is exactly what you want.

You need to reach your customers´ heart.

You just have to go ahead and implement a solution that allows you to make it happen. A solution to meet your customers, analyze their behavior and connect with them with personalized services and proposals.

You have several alternatives for this.

A first one is to develop an internal project: do it yourself. It has the advantage that you can define your own tool. And perhaps provide some differential or novel element. On the opposite, it will require the approach, development and rolling out of a large and expensive project.

If you do it with your own staff you will have to create a technical team to develop the solution. Another option is to work with an external technology consultant. In any case, the assigned development team must define, in collaboration with marketing and ecommerce departments, the scope and services you will offer to your customers.

After this first step you will enter a development phase that depending on the scope, the number of resources allocated and their expertise it will last between two and four years.

You will also need to deploy an IT infrastructure with a continuous operation and maintenance service to guarantee the availability of the platform.

Once the development is finished you will go to a phase of integration with the business systems. Again, depending on factors such as availability or solution architecture it will take a few weeks or several months.

Finally, it will require a bounded pilot in which to debug all the errors and problems founded, before the launch it to production.

If your aim is to continue differentiating yourself over the time, the project must be considered as a living project. Therefore, in addition to the maintenance of the technological platform, you will have to allocate a permanent team for innovation and continued development of new functionalities.

The main problem of this path is not only the length and cost of the project, but mainly, the uncertainties on aspects such as the result, the total investment and the ability to continue enriching the solution with new services.

A second alternative is to select a loyalty and customer experience personalization platform, and enjoy it as a service (SaaS). It´s advantage is that its performance is proven and that its availability is immediate (or at least much shorter than an own project development) On the opposite, if business should want some particular service it might not be available, although it might be taken into account that a SaaS tool is continuously enriched with demands and needs of a wider set of customers.

The choice of a loyalty and customer experience personalization platform should take into account factors such as:

  • customer analysis and segmentation capacity based on multiple criteria.
  • the flexibility to offer a wide range of services such as savings plans, personalized promotions, gift cards, customized rewards, membership levels, …
  • ease to integration with business systems
  • innovation, anticipating trends and incorporating new facilities over time.
  • Scalability, to respond to growth or new business demands
  • Security, to guarantee the protection, integrity and availability of information.

If you want a guaranteed solution, this second alternative is the fastest and lowest risk one. It is your best choice.

So after reading these key ideas, you just have to get started and make decisions to grow up your business.

It´s at your fingertips.

If you want more information in our guide “6 steps to successfully create your loyalty and customer experience personalization program ” you will find all the points to bear in mind when selecting and implementing this solution in your business.

I hope I’ve helped you.


José Manuel Maseda

Sales & Marketing Manager