Offer an OMNICHANNEL and PERSONALIZED shopping experience

Wapping is the SaaS service that connects all your sales channels so that you get a unified view of the tastes and behavior of your customers.

Manage a unique ID per customer online and offline for a 1 to 1 personalization in all channels and devices.

In addition, with the powerful “customer centric” digital service engine, you will create exclusive proposals and benefits for each customer profile that they will use on and offline interchangeably.

Get a 360o view of your users

Analyze the consumption habits of your customers offline, online and the preferences of your followers in social media with just one click.

Make life easier for your customer

Differentiate your brand with digital services for a unique shopping experience. Build a permanent link with your users and make them feel at home with an outstanding customer experience.

Build hyper-personalized campaigns based on data

Apply discount programs, exclusive incentives or promotions according to stock rotation, most successful products in every store and the consumption habits of your customers. Automatically adapt every campaign to events and relevant dates.

Turn your brand into omnichannel

Bring your customers a hyper-personalizaed shopping experience

Boost the attraction and engagement of customers


new customers


purchase frequency


spent per customer

Know our most read articles

Notifications, exclusive benefits, promotions and purchase history without the need of a PC.

We integrate our technology in your app so thatyour customers can have all their accountinformation just one click away.
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