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Acquisition is important, but today, more than ever, you need to take care of your customers

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Existing CRM, CDP and Loyalty solutions have not been designed specifically for retail and Marketing Automation covers only part of the need

Most companies lauch communications to their users but do not have unique omnichannel customer identities and cannot create services, proposals and benefits integrated into checkout that work instantly in physical stores and Ecommerce

A step further is necessary

To create, non only the perfect communication, but the perfect shopping experience for each one of your customers!

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Be ahead of your customers wishes

Connect all your sales channels to fully understand the tastes and preferences of your customers and anticipate their wishes.

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Manage a unique customer ID for all channels

Identify your customers in a unique way regardless of the sales channel or the device they use.

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Offer a personalized and omnichannel shopping experience

Build individualized proposals, services and benefits for each customer to be used in your physical stores and Ecommerce without friction, integrated into the checkout.

Intuitive and ease to use

Wapping connects all your sales channels to real-time track every customer interaction in your brand.

Data under a validated and unique customer ID for all channels enters the platform clean, without inconsistent processes of joining and silo curation.

This 100% reliable data is the basis on which the platform works for effective customer management, creation of precise audiences and construction of personalized proposals, services and benefits for each user.

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Our unified Customer View manage all the most relevant data about the past, present, and future behavior of every single customer.

Purchases, returns, average receipt, active wallet services, audiences, notifications, legal texts,…. the whole omnichannel customer information accessible with a single click!

Define audiences based on the behavior of your users and build 1:1 services, campaigns and benefits.

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A powerful engine to build digital services and benefits that activate customers, boost loyalty and improve conversion.

The transactional connection allows a seamless application of every service and benefit in physical stores and online.

Detect patterns, build audiences and roll out services in a matter of minutes, without dependence on other departments (IT, Ecommerce,…) and without the need to create price changes, discount codes, etc. Every published service enters the wallets of target customers and works instantly in brick and mortar stores and online.

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Get access to instant analytics from your data the moment you need it. Dig deeper to find out connections between seemingly unrelated data.

Dashboards, insights and reports always accessible with real time data to understand patterns and trends and to measure the return of every action.

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What are achieving the companies using Wapping?


purchase frequency increase


more spent per customer


adquisition of new customers

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