Automated campaigns is not the best way to connect and generate real engagement with customers. 

As consumers, we’ve got used to the typical calls to action and dismiss them. “Don’t miss out”, “an exclusive discount just for you” or “you’ve been selected for…” have lost all their effectiveness.

Every email we receive already has our name on it and our experiences on networks are governed by cookies and algorithms. Being surprised is increasingly difficult, but it’s really what we all want. 

We want surprises, and we love to feel that this has been thought for us personally, not that we are simply a segment of population X that can respond to a stimulus Y.

According to Accenture, 91% of consumers prefer to buy from brands with which they identify.

There are many consumers who may not agree with the concept of a day of maxi offers such as Black Friday or others who prefer Sant Jordi to Valentine’s Day. Why do we treat them all the same? How can we design a campaign to really connect with customers?

The hyper-personalized marketing campaign 

These types of campaigns not only allow you to tell each customer what they want to hear, they also have many hidden benefits that may not be seen at first glance.

Hyper-personalisation seeks to target each of your customers directly after having interpreted their demographic and behavioural data in real-time. In order to do this effectively, it helps to have a platform like ours that creates a singleclient ID common across all channels to really know each customer in real-time in all their facets.

When it comes to getting to know your customers well, don’t make the mistake of wanting to simply collect huge quantities of data. Quality always trumps quantity. First, understand what data will be most useful to us and what data is secondary.

After carrying out the initial tests and identifying which are the most important data, measure the results to further deepen the personalisation of the experience. Step by step create a strategy that connects and transmits the precise feeling that each of our clients is looking for.


How do we address them?

We have already spoken about the importance of timing and the contact channel, but we cannot forget the content of the message.

Offering the same discount for everyone is easy, but if we want more conversions, and to really connect with our customers, it is worth paying more and better attention to them. Avalanches of discounts and promotions can have a negative effect and devalue our product and our brand.

If you know what your customers need and when they need it, it could be that a 10% discount might create more conversions than a 50% offer thrown into the air at random.

How it works?

Avalanches of discounts and promotions can have a negative effect and devalue our product and our brand.

The benefits of hyper-personalization

If you’ve interpreted the data well and added the right dose of empathy, you’ll obtain benefits for both your business and your customers.

Customers will see their shopping experience improved by directly accessing the products that may be of interest at the time they are most predisposed to purchase and even with exclusive promotions providing the right (and minimum) incentive that encourages them to purchase. 

With a good customer journey, we reduce the number of conversion steps, avoid returns and cart abandonments, all while increasing the conversion rate and the average ticket price.

There is a hidden benefit in all this that can make a difference in the medium and long term. Knowing your customers will prevent you from launching promotions like crazy just to increase short-term sales or to follow fads.

This will allow you to save your margins and, just as important, your brand reputation. If you are constantly launching promotions or sales, you attack with aggressive discounts, why are they going to buy from you at full price?

Until now you have had to entrust a large part of your sales to the mid-season and sale campaigns. But this no longer has to be the case. By offering each customer an offer relevant to them, impacting your consumers one by one, you can give your stock better rotation without so much discount and offer each customer what they are interested in, which translates into more sales and more satisfied customers.

 Do you want to know how?

How it works?


Wapping team