All the contacts around a unique customer ID

Retail marketers struggle with a disconnection between offline and online shopper-identities.

The first step is to ensure a unique customer ID collecting all customer interaction, automatically, without joining silos, with a user-friendly but robust customer authentication.

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Reach users on every channel

Create and deliver incredible experiences across all customer touchpoints with personalized messages through every customer preferred channels to always reach your customers at the right time with the right content.

Seamless omnichannel shopping

Bridge the offline-to-online gap and differentiate your brand offering your customers a seamless, uniform shopping experience. Promotions, exclusive benefits, Gift Cards, rewards,…every service applies indistinctly in physical stores and ecommerce.

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When “omnichannel” means omnichannel shopping experience

An omnichannel shopping experience is much more than contacting customer across different notification channels (omnichannel marketing) It’s about providing customers the same shopping process where every personalized service, benefit or incentive can be applied no matter they are purchasing on ecommerce or physical stores.

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Offer with Wapping a new, seamless, zero-friction shopping experience on every sales channel.

Just one click to provide customers a finest usage of their loyalty program and benefits. Scan customer QR identification on their APP or Mobile Pass in order benefits are applied during purchasing process. As simple as that.

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Integrate the customer wallet in your ecommerce, so customers can easily check, manage and apply all their exclusive services and benefits. In addition our ecommerce plugins provide a smooth and seamless shopping experience where services are automatically applied in checkout process.

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Integrate in your APP the customer wallet or use our white-label app personalized for your brand to allow your customers to manage all their exclusive position and benefits in your business.

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