Set up trigger events

Automate engagement triggers to instantly gratify your customers with promotions, coupons or rewards. Choose between predefined events or define your own ones to recognize customer interactions beyond transactions.

Create target audiences

Deeply understand your customers’ online-to-offline behavior. Create specific groups of people to recognize and reward those you are interested in. Improve customer relations and boost loyalty listening and being close to your customers at any time.

Define action rules

Drive customer actions that matter and level up your campaigns by rewarding customers with unique engagement experiences. Stay on top with third party lifestyle rewards, loyalty points, promos or gift cards.

Groups of interest

Incentive your customers writing referrals as an effective tactic to build trust between other potential users. Use contests to know more about them and complete their users´ profiles.

Recognize social interactions

Track, analyze and trigger automatic rewards and benefits according to customer interactions in your social media. The best way to recognize their contribution to grow up your brand.

Incentive eco-friendly habits

Identify and prize those users demanding eco-friendly behaviours such us purchase online – collect in store, purchase online – return in store, return used products, require only digital receipt,…

Use the power of community

Promote your brand allowing your customers to share their exclusive promotions or benefits into their social media communities to easily join new members acquiring the same benefits.

Personalize your own events

Define your own events to identify and prize customer behaviors: sign-in in store, attending an event, answering a contest, whatever event can be tracked and rewarded.