Take advantage of the benefits of WhatsApp to boost user interaction with your program

Ensure with WhatsApp a fast subscription and high open rate to maximize the scope of conversations and increase sales conversion.

Sign-up in less than 20 seconds

Provide a guided quick sign-up process in WhatsApp. In a few simple steps customers join to your loyalty program. Place sign-up access in your point of sale counters or distribute it by social media, email, or SMS.

Define which fields to require in the sign-up profile to minimize customers the friction of the process so they finish it in seconds.


Digital ID

An automatic QR identifying customer is generated to be read during checkout process.

Exactly in the same way as using your APP or Mobile Pass. customers can be identified by this digital ID and perform the application of all their exclusives services and benefits on that purchase.

Embedded wallet

Provide your users a simple, direct and effective way to check at any moment all their wallet: points, balance available, promotions, rewards, e-receipts,…

Customers manage their digital wallets integrated in your whatsapp channel, so without installing any APP they have all the information ready to check in seconds.


Marketing campaigns

Use WhatsApp channel to impact your customers with personalized campaigns and exclusive promotions and benefits.

Whatsapp becomes in a direct, intuitive and well-know channel to drive campaigns awareness of your loyalty program between your users and advocates.

Define a dynamic promotion strategy and impact every customer with exclusive proposals, benefits and promotions that really meet their tastes and preferences.

The easiest way to engage customers in your loyalty program

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Boost customer subscription

Customers reject complex subscription process. Attract thousands of new subscribers by increasing your completion rate through a easy and fast sign-up!

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More customer interaction

The better the user experience the biggest the customer interaction with your brand. Provide the smoothest way to subscribe and use the top-class loyalty program you can build with Wapping.

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Increase campaign awareness

WhatsApp is the most used communication channel. Take this advantage to be one of the first reaching and connecting with your customers to keep them updated with their latest campaigns. Combine the power of our audience manager with the use of WhatsApp to boost your campaigns conversion.