Omnichanel Performance
Customer Data Platform (CDP)
Customer Centric Services Engine
Digital Loyalty
CX Personalization
Brand’s App Integration

Don´t settle for points or discount programs. Build 100% personalized marketing strategies and experiences


Increase customer frequency by offering points or a % of discount on future purchases.


Make easy for your customers to give away your items to relatives and friends with the digital voucher service.


Award your customers with items or services achievable after predefined purchase behaviors.


Provide instantaneous balance return at the time you keep the credit in your business.


Campaigns based on purchase amount, % discount, discount depending on the number of units, free units or extra saving on future visits.


Each operation automatically generates a digital receipt that your customers can check in your app at anytime.


Offer your users an omnichannel gift card program fully customizable.


Build direct discount programs based on the type of customer (age, purchase trends, employees, groups,…).

How is the customer identified to enjoy all its benefits?

In your physical stores

In your ecommerce

In your App

In his Mobile Wallet

With his Smartwatch

In your ecommerce

Integrated in his account

Design omnichannel campaigns

Unify the online and offline: Identify your customer at any point of interaction and build services that work seamless in both channels. Unify the sale without changing you cash system or your ecommerce.

Make life easier for your customers

Differentiate your brand with digital services for a unique shopping experience: Build a permanent link with your users and make them feel at home with an outstanding customer experience.


A personalized experience

Know your customers´ needs: Succeed driving exclusive and personalized benefits that fit with their tastes, preferences and lifestyle.

Atract new customers

Take advantage of your best users to extend your actions between their friends and family: Make them possible to easily buy and gift your products and special offers with just one click.

Optimize your marketing investiment

Use the power of the 1 to 1 connection with your customers: Calculate in advance the ROI of every campaign, success and increase conversion with high precision actions.

Grow the purchase average ticket

Make use of the automatic recommendations for cross-selling and upselling opportunities: Motivate your clients with right proposal, at the perfect time and through the correct channel.