IFI Innova

This financing line was aimed for innovation is the development of an expert suggestion engine based on Machine Learning technology. The new module will use the Big-Data of the business and information from the surrounding area: weather, events, special dates,… to perform automated clustering of audiences and suggestion of relevant campaigns for those audiences. The target is to optimize sales conversion in the business.



The Reacciona project was carried out in two lines: on the one hand, in digital marketing actions; on the other hand, in actions in the field of reinforcing the cybersecurity of the company and the platform.


Axudas do Igape para a internacionalización dixital das empresas galegas, Galicia Exporta Dixital 2020.

In this project, different actions were carried out to boost Wapping’s presence internationally, specifically in the Mexican and Italian markets: new website, implementation of a customer management tool, design and execution of SEM positioning campaigns, content creation Own for publication on the website and social networks, preparation of legal contracts,… all of them aimed at promoting brand awareness and identifying potential leads at the level of partners and end customers.