A flexible and scalable platform.

Manage your loyalty club and different types of loyalty programs with the highest flexibility throughout a wide set of actions to bring in, recognize and reward customers.

Integrate and share data of your loyalty platform with other business applications using our API.

Play out real time actions without latency and in any environment, online-offline, using the programming tools for automated delivery of contents and campaigns reaching an optimal user experience for customers and business.

Availability and security.

Powered by microsoft azure, the on-demand automatic scalability and capacity processing warranties an optimal performance no matter the circumstance.

Geographical node replication with automated ha configuration and 24/7 service monitoring provides the best availability.

The use of transactional protocols, temporal encoded sessions and data encryption ensures the highest security.

Data protection.

We are in strict compliance GDPR and we only storage data with explicit consent.

Microsoft azure cloud platform is GDPR fully compliance providing a secure environment for all our customers according to the latest normative.


Wapping provides easy integration with existing business systems as well as 3rd party applications for a better user experience.

The pos integration API allows your employees to use your loyalty program in the most comfortable way.

The e-commerce connector integrates the benefits of your loyalty program in your online shop providing users a unified purchasing experience in all the channels.

Our iOS and Android sdks allow a direct integration of your loyalty program in your business app.

our transparent integration with social media, Facebook and Instagram, provides customer activity recognizing and pre-programmed rewarding such as spreading or sharing actions.