How do we calculate rates?

To calculate the service fee (monthly fee) we use two parameters, which allow us to size your business and offer you an efficient, personalized and scalable rate.

Number of ecommerce users

who have purchased during last 12 months

Points of sale

Number of connected P.O.S.

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    * Users who made at least 1 purchase in Ecommerce in the last 12 months. All fields on this form are required.

    WAPPING NETWORKS, S.L. will make use of the personal data included in the inquiry for the purpose of contacting and providing answers to the questions or information required, being the basis of legitimacy the user´s consent that may be revoked at any time according to Wapping´s Privacy Policy.

    Wapping features


    Retailers and DNVB brands which want to empower their users with innovative digital services


    Retailers looking for a new shopping experience in their stores.


    The scenario where Wapping shows all its magical performance, unifying the online and offline worlds  to provide customers a transparent and omnichannel operation across all channels.

    Saving programs

    Give your customers an extra reason to visit and purchase in your brand creating flexible saving programs for every type of user.

    Direct Discount Programs

    Boost engagement with your best customers or with special colectives (employees, brand ambassadors,…) recognizing and rewarding them with credit balance with an exclusive direct discount by sales amount


    Increase repeteability and boost the average ticket building specific rewards campaigns for every group and segment of customers.

    Promotions engine

    Target, surprise and engage every single customer with hiper-personalized proposals and benefits on those products which really fit their tastes and preferences.

    Gift vouchers

    Attract new customers to your brand providing digital vouchers that currente customers cand purchase and send as a gift to another users.

    Gift Card

    Empower your brand with an omnichannel Gift Card program allowing users to gift friends and relatives with your Gift Cards enriched with personal dedications.

    Deposit Card

    Keep the balance of returns in your business and provide your customers instantaneous balance recovery on a digital wallet card.

    Digital Ticket

    Get rid of paper and provide your customers with the digital receipt of every purchase, no matter where it was done (online or phsycal stores)

    By gender and age

    Group your users by gender and age to target any population with the most suitable proposals

    By membership

    Build tier-level programs which encourage your customers to increase the spent in your brand to achieve the exlusive benefits of the next level.

    By customer place of living or location

    Filter and segment your customers regarding the region. province, city or street where they live.

    By historical purchase behaviour

    Build segments regarding the tastes and preferences of every single customer, what he has purchased and the spending in every specific past period of you election.

    By stores

    Filter your customers according to the stores (physical and online stores) the use to visit.

    By payment method

    Use the payment methods information to create specific cohorts

    Mobile passes

    Provide users a seamless method to identify and redeem all their benefits in your stores with a mobile pass of your brand in their  Google Pay or Apple Pay app.

    Push notifications

    Keep your customers aware of every new campaign, benefit or event with personalized push notifications on their mobile phones.

    User benefits management

    Allow your customers to easily manage all their exclusive services and benefits: check every campaign in detail, on/off services, check current balance, check historical purchases/benefits,…

    Personalized design according to brand image

    In case you don´t have your own brand´s app, we provide an app with personal design according to brand image and published in Apple Store and Google Play by your brand. The app allows customers to manage all their exclusive services and benefits in your brand. In addition your ecommerce can be embedded into the app.

    User benefits management

    The app allows user to manage all their exclusive services and benefits: on/off services, share campaigns in social media, send/receipt gift vouchers and gift cards, check digital receipts,…

    Identifying customer in physical stores

    Identification of customer in physical store by transactional QR or NFC.

    Ecommerce integration into APP

    Embedded ecommerce integration into brand´s app. Navigation embedded without exiting the app.


    Plugins for Prestashop, Shopify, Magento,… and .NET  &  PHP  API´s to connect with any ecommerce platform.


    .NET  &  Java API´s for an easy integration with any P.O.S. system

    Mobile APPs

    Native iOS, Android and Xamarin SDK´s for direct integration into your existing brand´s APP.

    Social media

    Native integration with Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp to track customer activity in these social media.

    Additional tools: CRM, Marketing automation,…

    In case of require additional integration with existing platforms Wapping provides connectors to any 3rd party software through API Rest.


    Event, actions, benefits notifications into the brand´s APP.  Creation and edition based on personalized templates.

    Push mobile

    Event, actions, benefits by push mobile notifications to those users with APP or with Mobile Wallet. Creation and edition based on personalized templates.


    Event, actions, benefits by email. Mail editor based on personalized HTML  templates.


    Event, actions, benefits by SMS notifications. SMS edition based on personalized templates.

    360º customer vision

    Customer file with 360º behaviour analysis unified in all the sales channels and interaction points: online, physical stores, social media.

    Access to customer wallet of services

    Visualization of the customers wallets of services and benefits. Possibility of direct activation of an specific service.

    Traceability of historical tickets, purchases, returns.

    Direct access to customer operations and tickets with visualization of the applied services and benefits and online view of the digital receipt (ticket)

    Analysis of customer´s situation in the business

    Real-time analysis of customer’s position in the brand: tastes, preferences, purchased items, ranges, categories or sectiosn, comparative against other customers, …

    Real time Dashboard

    Summary dashboard customizable by business: sales, returns, customers joined to the benefits program, sales by items, analysis of customers by expense, purchase potential, …

    Sales / returns analysis and time comparisons

    Direct comparison of sales and returns by store and time period, by ticket amounts, ..

    Detailed analysis by items, ranges, categories and sections of products

    Sales and returns analysis by every type of items or specific item at a store level and time period.

    Sales analysis by cutomer segmentation

    Sales / return analysis by groups and segments of customers.

    Customer behavior extraction

    Extraction of who buys each item: gender, age, where they live, when they buy, how much they repeat, basket analysis, cross-selling behaviour,…

    ROI analysis of every service and campaign

    Real-time analysis of the performance of each service or campaign: use, user profiles, return on investment,….

    Frequent questions regarding the platform, escalability and service rates.

    Wapping provides free of charge the APIs and documentation to ingrate with the business systems (P.O.S., Ecommerce and brand APP).
    However, if the IT business team wants a direct support from Wapping technical team for any of these integrations, there will be an additional cost for this concept. Contact us to tell us about your scenario and offer you a specific assessment.
    Wapping can be integrated with any P.O.S. or  Ecommerce system of the market through API’s.
    Wapping provides fully documented APIs,  .NET, Java and PHP libraries to speed up integration with point of sale software and ecommerce as much as possible. In addition, integration examples and a point of sale simulator are provided to facilitate a guided and very intuitive integration process.
    On the other hand, and in order to facilitate and speed up the connection with Ecommerce systems, Wapping provides integration plugins for the main CMS on the market: Magento, Shopify, Prestashop, …
    Wapping integrates with the existing brand APP through a native API offered for both iOS and Android.
    The API provides the methods for the identification of the customer in a purchase in a physical store and for the visualization and management of all the services and benefits of the customer in a simple and intuitive way, so that all the services that the business creates and manages from Wapping in a hyper-segmented way (Savings Programs, Direct Discount Programs, Promotional Campaigns, Rewards, Gift Vouchers, Gift Card, Digital Receipt,…) are displayed fully integrated into the existing APP and with the look & feel of the brand.
    In case a brand APP is not available, we provide a fully personalized APP for the brand (iOS and Android), which allows users to manage their exclusive services and benefits, digital ticket management as well as identification in physical stores.
    In addition, users can download a brand pass in the iOS and Android Mobile Wallets to be identified in stores and to manage all their exclusive services and benefits.
    No. The user does not necessarily need an APP either to identify himself in a physical store or to manage his wallet of personalized services and benefits. It´s possible to fully operate with Mobile Wallets in iOS or Android (Apple Pay, Google Pay) and even customer identification in physical storesr is also possible by phone number (although it is not the recommended option)
    In addition, users can also manage their wallet of benefits and services in their Ecommerce account. The portfolio is unique (omnichannel) and all services can be used and redeemed both online and offline in a transparent way for business and customer.
    Integration follows a guided process and basically the time, to connect and test depends on the dedication of  customer IT team involved. On average Wapping is integrated and running in 6 weeks.
    Customer identification in physical stores is available under different methods:
    • Existing brand APP, brand customized APP provided by Wapping
    • Mobile Wallet iOS or Android (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Passbook,..)
    • Phone number
    On the first day of the month the system automatically calculates the number of registered POS and the number of active Ecommerce users for the previous month and generates the invoice based on these parameters. All the detailed accountability is direct available for customers in the platform.
    Billing and payment is based on monthly quotes. In case of an additional mode is required, please contact us.
    By default, Wapping license agreement does not require a minimum period of duration beyond one month.