of businesses struggle with creating omnichannel services that improve customer experience and increase brand engagement?

You are aware that technology has become a key factor in the new shopping experience that customers demand in a great brand. To achieve  customers´ loyalty requieres to offer them services that make their life easier in your business. However:

  • You feel that everything is going very fast.
  • It is not easy for you to follow the pace imposed by the big technology companies.
  • You doubt about what actions to take in order to remain an attractive option for your customers.

Stop treating the online channel as something totally independent of offline.

Wapping makes omnichannel a reality. Identify your customer at any point of interaction with your brand and offer services that work interchangeably online and offline.

Online and offline, the customer is unique. Get a detailed view of your customer behavior in brick and mortar stores, ecommerce and social media.

Use the dashboard to extract the different customer profiles using all the information: purchase history in every sales channel, frequency, days of more activity, age ranges, places of origin, items by customer, best customers and much more.

Connect 1 to 1 with your customers.

Turn your business into a "customer centric" company by offering services that bring real value to your clients.

Use your management dashboard to define digital services adjusted to your business, that your customers will enjoy in the palm of their hand through your brand app. Services that will drastically improve customer experience in your brand and that your users will indistinctly enjoy in your physical stores and ecommerce: cashback programs, direct discount programs, rewards, promotions, gift coupons, gift card, credit card, digital ticket, …

How to build an OMNICHANNEL Loyalty & CX personalization solution in your retail business.

You wake up every day with the target to stand out in your market and it requires to differentiate your brand. Learn the two alternatives you have to roll out an omnichannel loyalty and CX personalization solution in your retail business.

How are you managing your business? Are your customers the center of your strategy?

Most retail businesses have never considered their main asset: their customers. They handle a lot of management and billing information but they hardly know who visits their stores, why they enter and what their tastes and preferences are.

10 reasons to roll out a digital loyalty program in your business.

The ultimate goal of using a loyalty program is you to achieve the peace of mind provided by seeing your business growing up with a solid base of loyal and recurring customers.

Food, fashion, cosmetics, hotels, restaurants, others.

To offer a better customer experience is now possible.

With a proved know-how supported by years developing business solutions inside leading retail companies:

  • With the solvency of a technical team that has developed service platforms used nowadays by large multinational companies.
  • With the knowledge and an overall vision of the latest consumption and lifestyle trends.

What would your business be like if you could make your customers feel unique?

Start with Wapping today. Request a live demo of our loyalty management platform and discover how to grow your business adapting your brand to the current lifestyle.

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