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Omnichannel, uniting the online and offline worlds

Omnichannel in retail affects different areas, but the main objective should always be to improve the customer experience.

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The importance of managing a unique customer ID

One of the 3 big challenges in retail industry is to know everything of a customer. It requires to manage a unique ID per customer regardless of the online and offline channels.

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How to develop a real omnichannel experience

It´s to take another step in your business, to make omnichannel for your client a reality. Discover the two ways to implement an omnichannel solution to engage customers and personalize their shopping experience in your brand.

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Why Big Data and Mobile Marketing have arrived in retail to stay?

Classic and generally ineffective loyalty programs are being replaced, thanks to Big Data and Mobile Marketing by new digital programs that add value to the users and improve customer experience.

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How to create “Customer Centric” services that bring real value to your customers and differentiate your business.

Learn what kind of services demands the current consumer and how to start offering them in your business to make their life easier, reward their trust and always become their preferred option.

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How to build an OMNICHANNEL Loyalty & CX personalization solution in your retail business.

You wake up every day with the target to stand out in your market and it requires to differentiate your brand. Learn the two alternatives you have to roll out an omnichannel loyalty and CX personalization solution in your retail business.