DES 2024 in Málaga: a Three – Day Journey of Innovation and Insight

Explore the summary of DES 2024 in Malaga, where technology leaders and visionaries gathered to discuss digital innovation. Discover the trends, networking opportunities, and strategic insights shared at this key event.

Unlocking Insights from Shoptalk Europe 2024: A Recap of Three Days of Innovation

Discover how Shoptalk Europe 2024 turned Barcelona into the epicenter of retail innovation. Wapping participated in the event, and we explain everything we learned about the power of AI, brand trust strategies, and emerging technologies

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Wapping in Euroshop Düsseldorf

Wapping will participate as exhibitor in Euroshop Düsseldorf in "Retail Technology" area between 26th February and 2nd March. Meet us in booth Hall6/F45!


Wapping in E-show Madrid 2022

Wapping will participate as exhibitor in E-show Madrid during 27th and 27th October 2022. Meet us in booth H57 in TFM pavillion!