Why you need to build hyper-personalised campaigns

If a client has already given you the opportunity to meet him, why do you treat him like the first time?

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The importance of timing when contacting your clients

Most newsletters are deleted without opening, many emails go directly to the promotions folder, and ads on social networks are quickly forgotten unless you find the right timing.

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Customer loyalty beyond discounts

In an era where consumers have thousands of options to choose from, getting loyal customers requires strategies and actions beyond discounts and classic loyalty programs.

Segmentacion de clientes retail

What is segmentation and what is it for?

En los últimos años las tendencias del marketing y de cómo vender más y mejor han ido cambiando pero hay algo que nunca cambia y que es anterior a toda la era del ecommerce: la sensación de que te traten bien.

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Why Big Data and Mobile Marketing have arrived in retail to stay?

Classic and generally ineffective loyalty programs are being replaced, thanks to Big Data and Mobile Marketing by new digital programs that add value to the users and improve customer experience.

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How are you managing your business? Are your customers the center of your strategy?

Most retail businesses have never considered their main asset: their customers. They handle a lot of management and billing information but they hardly know who visits their stores, why they enter and what their tastes and preferences are.